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COVID-19: Expert Tips On Study Abroad




In the beginning of 2020 the entire world came to a standstill as COVID-19 reached a pandemic status, affecting millions of people in countries across the world. With the international borders were closed, the academic community is under under stress as many had their plans of studying abroad thwarted or delayed indefinitely. Now, with the borders slowly opening up, there is a ray of hope in the near future that it will once again be possible for students to go abroad for their education. However, the post-COVID world is a different time, and hence, if you want to 美国留学 or any other country abroad, you must keep a few things in mind.

Stricter Health Regulations

Although it goes without saying it can only expected that there will be a stricter crackdown on health for students who are crossing borders. Whether you are a new student traveling to a country for the first time, or a regular student returning from a trip back home, there will be mandatory COVID test before anyone will be allowed to enter. There are anticipations that COVID vaccine, once invented, will become mandatory for international students.


Expect To Be Quarantined

Currently any international travel is accompanied by a quarantine upon crossing the borders. So you can definitely expect to be quarantined, upon entering the country. International students are recommended to cancel any plans of visiting home, to avoid spending a larger part of the vacation in quarantine at the borders of both countries. The number of days you will be quarantined, and the estimated expenses of the duration depends on the terms as set by the particular nation.

Changed Session And Curriculum

Classes have been canceled, exams have been postponed and different institutions are handling this situation in their own way. Depending on which schools you are planning on applying, there is a chance that the academic sessions and syllabi might be undergoing some unprecedented changes to accommodate the need of the hour. This can be stressful if you are an international student, as it might not align up with your current session or curriculum. Keep an eye on the university websites for regular updates.

Altered Style Of Education

For the first time ever education is being imparted exclusively online at such a large scale. This might bring forth a change in the whole concept of studying abroad. While it might not be possible or even a good idea to shift courses to an online module entirely, one can expect a little less pressure to be in the classroom for every class. Students might enjoy more flexible options of online classes and exams so that they can adjust a little easier or even visit their families without losing out on education.

Don’t Stop Your Preparation

Last, but not the least, don’t stop working studying to secure higher education abroad. Irrespective of when foreign students will be able to travel, you will still require excellent grades in your current degree and any competitive exam or English proficiency test as needed by the schools.

This has been an unprecedented blow on education for international students. But this too shall pass. Life will return to normal soon, and it’s only a matter of time until foreign education is resumed in full force.


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